Youth Sportsfest Report

Final Report, NRA – NOAAWIVA Youth Sportsfest Camp (10/23)
A big thank you is expressed to all involved in making our youth shoot on 10/23 a success.  Girls and youth with little shooting experience won big.  There were a total of 36 girls and boys ranging in age from 8 to 18 that participated.  A number of youth shot more than once – some up to four times.   There were a total of 130 entries in the four shooting activities offered — .177 air rifle, .22 rim-fire rifle, shotgun/clays and service rifle.  As several other measures of success, over 1200 .22 LR rounds were fired and 750 plus .177 cal. pellets shot.  While attendance was less than anticipated, our second
Twenty-nine club members, four US Coast Guard personnel and three 4-H Shooting Club people (a leader and two senior 4-H club members) served as staff – giving a total of 36.  They provided critical help with the shuttle parking, registration/safety orientation, food preparation and four shooting activities offered.  Trophies were given for the first, second and third place winners in the four shooting events. There were junior and senior divisions in the air gun and .22 rifle competitions with separate targets being used.  Photographs were taken of the shooting activities and the award ceremony.
Some suggestions for Youth Sportsfest Camp 2011 are:
(1) establish a proactive advertising committee with more focus on follow-ups regarding external communications and direct meetings with youth groups,
(2) NRA grant must be obtained to reduce costs,
(3) use of club fund raises such as a turkey shoot and cake sale involving youth shooting groups (4-H Shooting Club, CMP Junior Service Rifle Team, etc.),
(4) supply coffee and donuts to staff,
(5) provide hand cleaning station for shooters with hand soap and running water.
Please let Ray Wimbrow or myself know your suggestions for next year’s Youth Sportsfest Youth Camp.
The club costs for the youth shoot are summarized as:

(1)  NRA Day registration fee – $20.00

(2)  WESR advertising – $100.00

(3)  food only (drinks donated) -  $247.83.

(4)  clays and 20-gauge shotgun shells – $210.00 (-$120.00 from 4-H purchase) or $90.00.

(5)  Trophies and other prizes – $243.21

(6)   .177 pellets – $6.90 (donated by 4-H)

(7)   .22 rim-fire ammo – free (4-H/NOAWIVA donation)

(8)  Targets, air gun and .22 rifle activities – $38.50

(9)   CMP Service Rifle activity – $95.00

(10)                Hearing and eye glass protection – $92.59

(11)                Signs, flyers and internal communications – $38.94

Total costs are then estimated at  $966.07.
The Accomack County 4-H Field & Fowl 4-H Shooting Club loaned the guns that were used — the air guns, 22 rifles and 20-gauge shotguns.   A cover letter and report is being sent to the NRA as required with several photos of the event.  Newspaper articles with photos have been sent into the Eastern Shore (ES) News, Chincoteague Beacon and ES Post. The Youth Sportsfest Camp will be offered again in the fall of 2011 with club approval and support.
Prepared by,
George Foster
Director, NOAAWIVA Youth Sportsfest Camp