IDPA Match Cancelled/Rescheduled

Due to the forecast for Sunday being 100% Rain we are rescheduling the classifier and .22 PRS match to Sunday November 12th.  If anyone has any questions please drop me a line, hope to see you on the range.

November 12th 10am—IDPA Classifier

November 12th 10am—.22 LR PRS (Precision Rifle Series) Style match.   This match will be held on the Rifle range while the Classifier is held on the pistol range.

Additional notes on the .22LR PRS match:  Usable Gear—Bipods, any type and number of bags (if you can carry it you can use it—I will have several there people can borrow), slings.  Rifle—Any bolt or semi-auto .22LR (Scopes highly recommended).  Targets—Various shape 2-4 MOA targets set from 50yds to 200yds.  Course of Fire—2-3 Stages, 10 required hits per stage, 2-5 Targets per stage, 90sec par time, Various shooting positions to include Prone, standing from barricade, kneeling and standing through loopholes, shooting from other obstacles by whatever position you find most comfortable.  The link below will give you an idea as to what kind of targets and positions you will find at a real PRS match.  Basically we will be taking that format and those targets then shrinking it to fit in a 200yd range.  Limiting it to .22LR adds a little flavor of the ballistics calculations needed for a true long range match in a short range package.  If anyone has any questions please let me know.