High Power Rifle Match/Practice Dates 2017

March 11 and 18 – Junior Spring Training Days
March 25 – NRA Rules Practice Match #1
April 29 – NRA Rules Practice Match #2
May 27 – NRA Rules Practice Match #3
June 24 – NRA Rules Practice Match #4
July 29 – NRA Rules Practice Match #5
Aug 26 – NRA Rules Practice Match #6
Sept 30 – NRA Rules Practice Match #7
Oct 21-Annual NRA Youth Sports Fest
Oct 28 – Annual Garand Match

US Senate Makes Major Announcement That Concealed Carriers Will LOVE

With nearly 1.4 million new concealed carry permits being issued each year, it only makes sense that a national reciprocity law be enacted to protect law-abiding holders of CCW permits to cross freely from one state to another without worrying about breaking neighboring state’s gun laws.

Thanks to the newly GOP Senate, such a law could become a reality soon. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn will reintroduce the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act which would allow permit-holding gun owners to carry and lawfully in other states that have concealed carry laws.

Cornyn explained the much-needed law would allow the concealed carry permits to act more like a driver’s license.

More information by clicking the link below:

Conceal Carry News

NRA Banquet – October 15, 2016

Hi Ray Wimbrow here from the range. We’re having a NRA banquet on October 15 at Chincoteague firehouse. Tickets are $45 each and include turkey, oyster fritter dinner, sides, steamed shrimp and door prizes. We also have games, bucket raffles, live and silent auctions and more. We have a lot of Guns this year. Most will be won. FFL on site.