IDPA Classifier & Two Stage Match

Sunday, May 5th starting at 4:30PM, we will hold an IDPA Classifier as well as an abbreviated two stage IDPA Match, at the NOAAWIVA SPORTSMANS CLUB.  Classifier & Match cost is $5 combined.  Advise bringing plenty of ammo and a concealment garment.  

Contact Chris Hamlin for more details.

Molded Earplugs

Sorry this is not much notice but the guy who does the molded earplugs will be up here on Friday 04/26. Tentative time is 4:30pm-6pm, but he will stay longer if he has people waiting. The pricing is Adult–$60  & Youth (16 and under)–$40.  Well worth it!

For more information, contact: Carter Miller, Tech Support Manager Benelli USA, , (M) 757-387-9001.

IDPA Match

Saturday, April 20th starting at 6PM we will hold a regular 4 stage IDPA Match, at the NOAAWIVA SPORTSMANS CLUB.  Match cost is $5, and it is always appreciated if you would care to show up a little early to lend a hand in setting up the first stage.

Advise bringing plenty of ammo and a concealment garment.  We’ll use range lights to finish out if needed.

High Power Rifle Team 2019 Schedule

As in previous years, we will begin with Spring training in March and have seven practice matches during the season, ending with the official CMP Garand Match.  All events start PROMPTLY at noon and we have the range available until 4 PM, though most of our matches will end before then.

Spring training day #1 – 16 March

Spring training day #2 – 23 March

Practice Match #1 – 30 March

Practice Match #2 – 27 April

Practice Match #3 – 25 May

Practice Match #4 – 29 June

Practice Match #5 – 27 July

Practice Match #6 – 31 August

Practice Match #7 – 28 September

Practice Match #8 – 26 October

Annual Vintage Match – 9 Nov


Contact Dave Poyer for more information

22LR Fun Match Dates-2019

Course of Fire
 .22 Long Rifle, 2 targets, 5 shots each target at 50 yards
5 metal silhouettes at 100 yards
10 clays with shotgun
Cost is $5 for .22, both sets of targets, $5 for Clays
15 year old and younger shoot free.
 Warm up from 8:15 to 8:45
All matches being promptly at 9:00 AM, weather permitting.
Contact Emil at 757-824-0121 or Terry at 757-665-4882 for more information