22LR Fun Match Dates-2017

Course of Fire
 .22 Long Rifle, 2 targets, 5 shots each target at 50 yards
5 metal silhouettes at 100 yards
10 clays with shotgun
Cost is $5 for .22, both sets of targets, $5 for Clays
15 year old and younger shoot free.
 Warm up from 8:15 to 8:45
All matches being promptly at 9:00 AM, weather permitting.
Contact Emil at 757-824-0121 or Terry at 757-665-4882 for more information

High Power Rifle 2017 Schedule

As in previous years, we will begin with Spring training in March and have seven practice matches during the season, ending with the official CMP Garand Match.  All events start PROMPTLY at noon and we have the range available until 4 PM, though most of our matches will end before then.
I’ll promulgate more detailed info and an overall schedule later.  If you haven’t Liked our Facebook page, NOAAWIVA JUNIOR RIFLE TEAM, please do so – we pass a lot of info there.
March 11 and 18 – Junior Spring Training Days
March 25 – NRA Rules Practice Match #1
April 29 – NRA Rules Practice Match #2
May 27 – NRA Rules Practice Match #3
June 24 – NRA Rules Practice Match #4
July 29 – NRA Rules Practice Match #5
Aug 26 – NRA Rules Practice Match #6
Sept 30 – NRA Rules Practice Match #7
Oct 21-Annual NRA Youth SportsFest
Oct 28 – Annual Garand Match
Keep ‘em centered!
Dave Poyer
service rifle team manager.

US Senate Makes Major Announcement That Concealed Carriers Will LOVE

With nearly 1.4 million new concealed carry permits being issued each year, it only makes sense that a national reciprocity law be enacted to protect law-abiding holders of CCW permits to cross freely from one state to another without worrying about breaking neighboring state’s gun laws.

Thanks to the newly GOP Senate, such a law could become a reality soon. Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn will reintroduce the Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act which would allow permit-holding gun owners to carry and lawfully in other states that have concealed carry laws.

Cornyn explained the much-needed law would allow the concealed carry permits to act more like a driver’s license.

More information by clicking the link below:

Conceal Carry News

High Power Rifle Team: Note

Hello shooters,
The next NOAAWIVA “NRA Rules” practice high power rifle match of the 2011 season will be held Saturday August 27 at T’s Corner.  The NOAAWIVA range is 300 yards due east from Rt. 13 on Chincoteague Road.  (Look for a turnoff into the woods on the right.) Match fee is $6; juniors 16 and under free.
Non-NOAAWIVA members may participate; our usual range fee is waived for these matches.  Training begins promptly at 12 noon; match begins 1 PM.  If you’re unfamiliar with what’s involved in an NRA/CMP match, you MUST attend the training hour before competing.  
Rifles must be centerfire types “equipped with metallic sights, should be capable of holding at least 5 rounds of ammunition and should be adapted to rapid reloading…Front sights should be of either the post or aperture type.”  This includes many sporters as well as ex-military rifles.  No riflescopes; iron sights only.  The training will explain procedures and positions.  Course of fire:
2 spotter rounds, then 10 rds slow fire offhand at 100 yards.
2 spotter rounds, then 10 rds rapid fire sitting (60 seconds) at 100 yards.
2 spotter rounds, then 10 rds rapid fire prone (70 seconds) at 100 yards
2 spotter rounds, then 10 rds slow fire prone on 600 yard target downsized for 100 yards.
Total: 48 rounds. 
Club 30-06 and .223 ammo will be on sale.  Eye and ear protection is required.  Bring a scrap of carpet to lie on for prone if you do not have a mat.  We will have slings, mags, eye protection, & ear protection for sale if you need them.  Match costs $6.  Will be held rain or shine.  Juniors 14 and up may participate if accompanied by parents/guardians.  Juniors 16 and under do not pay a match fee. 
Next practice match will be Sept 24.  Next Bridgeville match Sept 10.  Our annual Official J.C. Garand/Springfield/Vintage Military CMP match will be Oct 29.
Feel free to bring a friend and introduce him or her to this great sport!